Group Buying Organization (GBO)

Luxury items are not just for the rich; but now you can leverage your cash and buy luxury at a fraction of the cost. Dr. Robbie’s BizSwag Buyer’s Group is the newest “Group Buying Organization” (GBO). Mobetterstuff has purchased internationally since inception and Dr. Robbie since 2004. That equates to more than 16 years of international purchases of goods and services across the globe. Now we bring the same value to you as a Member of the BizSwag Buyer’s Group.  With two membership plans available, you save an average of 55% – 66% on your luxury purchases. Our unique club does not buy and inventory, but rather you (the Member) tell us what you want to buy and we open the opportunity up to other members to buy as a group. It can require as few as 2 Members to get even deeper savings. We are forming contracts with Manufacturers and setting up shipping logistics and will be able to open membership before the holidays 2020. Right now you can pre-purchase your membership at a reduced rate (from 9/29 – 10/20/20200 and we are giving away (Free of charge) 3 Memberships (chosen from those who subscribe below) to celebrate our launch.  Subscribe Now.

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