Welcome to the Concierge Club

Just join the Subscription Service to reduce your cost on high-end products.Contact us when you need a major purchase, and we will work with our vendors to reduce your purchase product cost. The subscription cost is nominal, but the savings are huge. Here, you communicate with your Product Agent to maximize your purchase power.

Here is how it works: Once you have signed up and want to make a “special” purchase (special to you for whatever reason), use the form below to contact your Agent. Give the best description of what you want to purchase and any specifications (brand, price range, delivery deadlines, etc.), and they will go to work and find that special purchase. Purchases are usually large items with a large retail price – we use our resources to get you a significantly lower price. Examples are high-end vacuum cleaners, designer eyewear, multi-functional furniture, and more. Once we find the item, you are contacted with the options for purchase. The options will include whatever specifications you identified, those that need to be substituted, and pictures for your final approval. If you approve, pay for the item, and it will be delivered to your door. We use our market knowledge, vendors, and relationships to get you the best price possible without the obligation to buy, simply because you are a member of the Club.   Never pay retail again without the obligation to buy --- risk free deals!  

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